Round-trip rides in the comfort of your own vehicle!

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How the Chauffeur app works!

Enter your trip details and request a trip.
Receive bids from drivers and choose your favourite.
The driver comes to you and drives you in your vehicle.
Track your driver throughout the trip and have peace of mind.
Return to your starting point and rate your driver.

How Kater Got Started

The concept of Kater evolved from one simple problem: It doesn't make sense for me to be driving my car right now – so why am I? Kater wants users to make use of an asset they already have – their own vehicle – to get exactly where they need to go without having to deal with the hassles of driving.

Kater was founded by Monark Group, a diversified company specializing in e-commerce, business consulting, financing, and start-ups. Monark Group has invested over $300 million in property development across North America and operates numerous e-commerce sites with $500 million in revenue.


Is this a ride-hailing service?

Unlike ride-hailing, Kater Chauffeur customers are driven in the comfort of their own vehicle and it is a round-trip service. If you’re looking for a service to get you from point A to B, check out Kater Ride-hail!

How are Kater Chauffeur drivers selected?

Kater’s selection process is thorough and our drivers are highly experienced. In order to apply to be a partner, drivers must be over the age of 21 and have at least a Class 5 license with over 2 years of non-learner experience. All drivers must pass a background check, an interview, online training session, and test before gaining access to the Kater platform.

How much does Kater Chauffeur cost?

After entering your trip details, drivers will bid on your trip with their hourly rates and you are able to make your choice. Rates typically range from $15-$25 per hour.

How does insurance work?

Drivers will request proof of valid vehicle insurance from you. The driver will provide driving services for you only if you maintain adequate automobile liability insurance that protects third parties.

Any more questions? Check out the Kater Chauffeur help page!

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