About Kater

Kater Technologies Inc is a Vancouver-based Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) technology company that has launched an integrated, inter-modal transportation network designed to combine different forms of transportation into a single service, making taxis, ride-hailing, ferries, scooters, buses, and even planes all integrated, all working together in a single app. The platform allows users to book a trip filtered by cost, duration, arrival or departure time, and then be issued a boarding pass that handles all payments to the various transportation providers. The net result is cost savings, time savings, and ease of use. With our top priorities being safety and customer service, the Kater app was designed to create a superior user experience and improve transportation for British Columbians.

Where will Kater take you?

Less Driving

Kater provides users with more transportation options and makes it easier than ever to commute.

Less Waiting

The app matches users with the driver closest to their location and pairs them with a ride in less than 5 minutes.

Less Hassle

On-demand rides with upfront pricing make for a transparent, less stressful trip.

Our Mission

Less driving, less waiting, less hassle! At Kater we are dedicated to making everyday mobility more safe, efficient, seamless, and environmentally sustainable. Our mission has always been to help people 'Do More' with their time with the integration of various forms of transportation services into a single mobility service.

At Kater we are working to realize a travel network that optimizes the way people get from A to B using both public and private modes of transportation, the result being a true intermodal holistic solution.

Meet the Team!

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Monty Sikka

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Mark Catroppa

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Vaughn Hodson

Chief Financial Officer
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Mandeep Khara

Chief Marketing Officer
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Navroop Sehmi

Chief Technical Officer
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Mandi Mangat

Operations Manager
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Matt Harnaga

Lead Developer
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Vidya Panjakadi

QA Specialist
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Navdeep Garewal

Android Developer
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Greg Rodrigues

iOS Developer
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Chris Ulmer

Lead UX/UI Designer
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Amir Bidva

Full Stack Developer
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Jose Valdvogel

Software Engineer
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Ian Hitchcock

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Sandy Kaur

Office Administrator
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Clare Mellon

Operations Assistant
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Parteek Dhanju

Logistics Coordinator
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Anuj Vatsa

Driver Support Manager