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Kateroke: Vancouver’s ride-hailing service is launching a karaoke feature

Jun 20, 2019
Tammy Kwan

We’ve seen enough episodes of late night talk-show host James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke to know that singing while riding in vehicles is highly entertaining and a great way to de-stress during long commutes.

Now our city’s first ride-hailing app, Kater, is offering Vancouverites the chance to exercise their vocal chords in two of its cars.

Appropriately named “Kateroke”, riders who order the special karaoke cars will find an iPad (presumably filled with karaoke titles), a microphone, as well as in-car disco lighting. There’s no additional cost to ride a Kateroke car.

What we want to know is whether or not Kater drivers will be able to concentrate on safely delivering passengers to their destinations, amongst the backdrop of loud music and mostly amateur (read: terrible) singing with multicoloured, flashing lights.

Only two Kater cars out of its entire fleet will offer karaoke.
Only two Kater cars out of its entire fleet will offer karaoke.KATER

But aside from our concerns on driver and passenger safety, we don’t doubt this new karaoke feature will be a hit among city-dwellers. Kater will also be launching new initiatives and options over the summer.

“We want to go above and beyond for our customers, and what better way to get in the mood for a night out than singing your favourites with your best friends?” Corrie Larson, director of communications and marketing at Kater, said in a press statement. “We’ve had a Kateroke car on the road as a trial for a couple of weeks now, and have had such great feedback that we decided to launch two Kateroke cars for the summer.”

We have a feeling that two Kateroke cars won’t be enough to serve the karaoke-loving folks in the City of Vancouver.