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Relaxation on the Go

Jul 19, 2019

Two exclusive Kater Spa cars have been released in the city to help Vancouverites relax. Sit back in comfort and unwind with personally controlled massage chairs, a refreshing mist, mood music and cool tone lighting—the only thing missing from this ride is the cucumber mask!

Curious about Kater? We recently gave this made-in-B.C. technology a try. It's a hybrid approach that takes the best of the current transportation system in Vancouver and traditional ride-hailing to create a here-and-now solution that works for Vancouverites (and visitors) in the current regulatory system. Just get the app, tap a button and get a ride within minutes. You also don't have to worry about a driver refusing to pick you up with Kater, which sadly has been an issue.

The spa cars will only be here for a limited time, and come at no additional charge (beyond regular Kater fees). Now that's what we call ride-hailing relief! —Vita Daily