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Kater Sedans

Up to 4 passengers

How it works

Kater makes it easier than ever to request a ride. Simply download the app, sign up, and follow these steps.
Set your pick up and destination locations.
Choose the vehicle type.
Confirm trip cost and payment details.
Request a driver! 

Understand the cost

Kater's fare structure is set by the Passenger Transportation Board. We guarantee this fare structure, and with no surge pricing, you can be sure of your trip cost.
Base Fare
Cost Per Minute
Cost Per KM

Understand the cost

Kater uses the same fare structure as taxis fares in Vancouver

Service Area

Kater will be operating in Vancouver during its beta testing phase. Stay tuned to find out when Kater hits a road near you.

Service Area

Kater is currently in a pilot project with the Vancouver Taxi Association and is servicing only in Vancouver.

With time, we expect our service area to grow and cover all of British Columbia